Detection Dog Training | Detection dog teams, ATF, DEA certified

Our Training

State-of-Art K9 Training Facility

Licenses and Training Standards

Through our partnership with AMK9 and Bill Heiser, VP of Canine Services, our dogs are trained only on ‘real’ odor; are licensed by the ATF; and receive registration certificates from DEA.  The ATF license and DEA registered certification provides us access to a complete range of explosives and drugs for use in odor training our working dogs. 

ATF License: 1FL127334A00881
DEA Controlled Substance Registration Certificate: RH0258322

  • Aerial view of our K9 training facility
  • Our drug dogs have a high search drive and strong passive alert
  • Sniffer dog on the job!
  • Drug detection dogs deploy at airport terminals and on aircraft
  • A detector dog site to alert to a find
  • Our spacious facilities enable us to recreate many realistic scenarios for detection dog and handler training

We choose the best working dogs to train for our K9 Teams

Coast to Coast K9 Teams prefers to use Labrador Retrievers, Springer Spaniels, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for our working dog contracts. Based on their natural characteristics these are the breeds that have demonstrated their success as detection dogs above all others.
Our vendors breed canines from proven working dog bloodlines. To procure the highest quality dog available, Coast to Coast K9 Teams has stringent selection criteria regarding health, genetics, and temperament; endurance and titration levels.

…and we have the best trainers too

We use only senior trainers and subject matter experts to perform hands-on assessment and testing of every canine. Coast to Coast K9 Teams staff members, in conjunction with the AMK9 staff, are among the most dedicated and conscientious professionals working in the industry today, with a diversity of backgrounds that includes US Military, Civilian Police and Maritime. This diversity has enabled Coast to Coast K9 Teams to amass working dog training knowledge unsurpassed by any of our competitors.

That’s why we have the best working dog teams!

Coast to Coast K9 Teams certifies, deploys and maintains our detection dog teams to the highest proficiency standards which meet or exceed the following:

  • United States Department of Treasury (ATF)
  • National Odor Recognition Test (NORT)
  • National Narcotics Detector Dog Association (NNDDA)
  • Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal Detector Guidelines (SWGDOG)

Our working dog teams are trained using best practice techniques and the highest industry standards to maximize their consistency and effectiveness. Once trained, our K9 teams are certified by an impartial third party.

Canine Microchip Identification

For positive identification, all of our K9s are equipped with microchips. Coast to Coast K9 Teams has a top-of-the-line chip reader to ensure accuracy in reading all chips. It is available for use in verifications requests.