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K9 Detection Services

Our K9 Teams Serve Many Different Industries

Coast to Coast K9 Teams is a U.S. based K9 services company, world-renowned for providing proficient and highly skilled canine detection team services.

We certify, deploy and maintain our K9 teams to the highest proficiency standards which meet or exceed the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association (NNDDA).

Reliable, Customer-Focused Service

Coast to Coast K9 Teams is completely customer focused. We’ll supply you with a great team—an experienced K9 handler and a hard-working detection dog—or multiple teams if necessary.

  • Our experienced leadership assists with standing up canine service operations.
  • We work hand-in-and with your leadership to ensure all your goals are met throughout contract.
  • Your seamless and smooth set-up, or transition, of K9 team services is assured as we provide canine service management, operations and on-going support.
  • We are focused on serving you—we give customer matters urgent attention.

Call today for a quote or to learn more about our K9 detection services: (386) 689-4424

“Coast To Coast K9 Teams initial contract service was handled professionally and we will be utilizing their K9 services in the future.”
~ Daniel Campos, East Century Security and Event Staffing, Inc

We offer K9 Team Services for:

A drug detection K9 at work sniffing for narcotics


Hire expert drug detection teams trained to detect drugs in a multitude of challenging environments. Our drug dogs are trained using use real drugs, not pseudo drug scents.  


A bomb detection K9 at work sniffing for explosives


Get a highly trained explosives detection K9 team. Our dogs are trained using actual explosives, in realistic scenarios, and can detect 15 different combinations of explosive materials.


Industry Suggestions

All Industries
Airport Terminals & Aircrafts
Conference Centers
Cruise Line Industry
Ships & Seaports
  • A drug detection dog inspecting a chest of drawers
  • Drug detection dogs deploy at airport terminals and on aircraft
  • K9 detection for security at conferences
  • K9 detection services are used by the consulting and education industries.